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Jacquard, Brocade, Damask Fabric

Jacquard is available in a variety of fibers and refers to a group of fabrics woven on a Jacquard Loom with one or more extra sets of yarns to create a permanent fabric design on the surface.

• Select Jacquards for their beauty, not their durability
• Use for patterns with simple lines and small details
• Easily fray so be sure to use weights when cutting
• Dry clean only and store on padded hangers


Silk Fabric

Silk is the only natural filament fiber and one of the most versatile. Available in a variety of fabrications, from chiffon to charmeuse to brocade and suitings, it is known for its comfort, appearance, and beauty. It can be used for all garment types, from lingerie and sleepwear to coats and suits.
• It is comfortable to wear: cool in Summer and warm in Winter
• It holds its shape and resists wrinkling
• It absorbs moisture quickly and has little static buildup
• It is susceptible to moths and insects
• It is weakened by sunlight and yellows with age
• It is the strongest natural fiber, but is weak when wet


Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a natural fiber sometimes called the fiber of a thousand faces. It is known for its comfort, appearance, versatility and performance. Available in a wide variety of fabric weights, colors, surfaces, patterns, weaves and prices, cotton is used to make many different types of fabrics.

• Cotton is comfortable, durable and very flammable
• It has high moisture absorbency, conducts heat well
• It does not build up static electricity
• It wrinkles and shrinks easily, and deteriorates in the sun
• Can be laundered or dry cleaned


Polyester Blends Fabric

Polyester is the most popular synthetic fabric and is frequently blended with natural and other fibers to make fabrics in all weights. Recognized for their durability and easy-care properties, polyester fabrics have good shape retention and do not shrink, bag or stretch. They are equally strong when wet or dry, resist wrinkles and travel well.
• Easier to sew after washing
• Easy to launder and require little or no ironing
• Crisp and resilient
• Retains static electricity
• Good elasticity and recovery

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